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Do You Have a Backup Plan For Your Computer Backup?

January 15, 2015 2 Comments

How many of you have a backup plan for your computer backup?

Many of you have an external USB harddrive for your computer backup.  Most of you have the backup set to run automatically right?  When was the last time you checked to see that the external USB harddrive is actually working & that your automatic backup is functioning?

This last year, I have seen several customers with external USB harddrives that had failed!   The result is that they may have lost data they didn’t have elsewhere or they don’t have a backup if something happened to their internal computer harddrive.

The trouble I see with the “Set It & Forget It” automatic backup process, is that most people never check:

  • To see that even the first backup worked
  •  To see if the external USB Harddrive still has space to continue backing up
  •  Know how to recover from their backup if something went wrong

My recommendations for any backup method:

  • Have more than one backup device – rotate these 2 or 3 devices
  • Store one of your backup rotations offsite – neighbor, safety deposit, etc.
  • Include a full computer image backup ocassionally
  • Know how to retrieve files from your backup if needed
  • Include at least one manual drag & drop or copy & paste backup process
  • Have a mix of backup media/methods –
    • Thumb or USB drives
    • External USB drives
    • Online backup service
    • DVD backup

I hope this gets you thinking about your backup devices, processes & recovery procedures.

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About the Author:

Ray Bowyer, Computer Consultant lives & works in the Boise, Idaho area & provides computer desktop & laptop repair, training, problem solving, computer networking, & virus removal for Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell & other Treasure Valley Idaho area small businesses, home offices & home computer users. Phone: (208) 631-7527. Email: . Mailing Address: 1740 E. Fairview Ave., # 305, Meridian, ID 83642. Computer Repair & Services - Boise Idaho - Meridian Idaho. "Reducing computer frustration one problem at a time by providing computer TLC(Technical Loving Care)!"

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  1. Chuck Winn says:

    Great advice for me, without a backup plan. I will begin using your suggestions. Maybe even hand mark my calendar for “manual backup days” as a double check for myself on weeks when I’ve added a lot of new items.

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