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Why should I clear my internet browser cache ?

January 10, 2015 0 Comments
Clearing your browser cache can:
– Make your browser run faster
– Make sure you are seeing recent web page updates
– Help diagnose possible spyware or browser hijacking
Way back in the dial-up modem ages, browser caches were meant to make your browsing faster by not having to download repeatitive images each time you visited a favorite web-page. Back then, web-pages didn’t change as often as they do now & with slow dial-up modem speeds, it did help browsing speed.
Before clearing your internet browser cache, you should logout of any web-pages & be ready to close, then reopen your browser. You will have to separately clear browser cache in each internet browser – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
In deleting your internet browser cache, you may run across these terms:
Temporary Internet Files – This is your browser cache & is usually what you want to clear/delete
Cookies – Websites store cookies to save information & data. An example is your username, password & prefered starting page for your web email or favorite shopping site.
History – Keeps recently visited web-pages. So if you start typing“, your browser will suggest this site from history & you will be able to click rather that retype it.

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