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Is my old broken computer worth repairing or fixing?

January 24, 2015 0 Comments

How do I know if my older computer is worth repairing?

There are several things to consider:

  • How Old Is Your Computer & How Is It Configured?
  • How Much Are New Computers Selling For?
  • How Much Is The Diagnostic or Repair Cost?
  • How Long Will The Repair Take?
  • How Soon Do I Need My Computer Running?

How Old Is Your Computer & How Is It Configured?

Many businesses replace computers every 3-5 years. So if your computer is older than that, then it may not have current hardware features to make repairing worth while. If your computer is running Windows Vista, then you only have 2 years before Microsoft stops supplying monthly Windows Update security patches. If you still have Windows XP, these Windows Updates stopped in April 2014!

How Much Are New Computers Selling For?

New brand name Windows 7 or Windows 8 desktop computers with 8GB Ram, 1TB harddrive, & DVD are selling for $500 or less. New brand name laptops with the same features are selling for $600 or less. You can find new computers for less, but they may not have the features that will give you a satisfactory 3-5 year or more computer life. Also, the features I listed above are what I consider bare bones. You can spend up to $2,000 for a fully decked out computers for business, graphics, gaming, etc.

How Much Is The Diagnostic or Repair Cost?

If your problem is not obvious, the diagnostic costs can run more than the repair costs! Also, if you have a computer with hard to get replacement parts, the costs can be high. With that said, replacing a power supply, video board, cooling fan, or Ram memory chip can be reasonably priced fixes. If you are a do it yourselfer, you can cut the cost of labor!

How Long Will The Repair Take & How Soon Do I Need My Computer Running?

Time urgency can be a factor! If the computer is used in your business, the cost of downtime may be a bigger factor than repair cost. Desktop computer repairs will usually be faster than laptop repairs. Many big box or franchise computer stores have to send your laptop out for repair which can take 2-3 weeks. I have a Boise, Idaho computer friend that has saved many people time & money on laptop computer repairs. For business or home, one consideration might be to buy a new computer & repair the old computer as time/budget permits to keep as a spare.

Other Considerations:

  • Backup your data if possible before having your computer repaired!
  • Is it really a hardware problem? I have seen viruses/spyware or driver problems cause issues that can be confused for hardware problems!
  • If your computer is truly history, can your data be recovered?
  • Among places that take old & non working computers are:
  • New computers may have different video, printer, keyboard/mice connections.
  • Your old programs & hardware drivers may need updating on new computers.

About the Author:

Ray Bowyer, Computer Consultant lives & works in the Boise, Idaho area & provides computer desktop & laptop repair, training, problem solving, computer networking, & virus removal for Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell & other Treasure Valley Idaho area small businesses, home offices & home computer users. Phone: (208) 631-7527. Email: . Mailing Address: 1740 E. Fairview Ave., # 305, Meridian, ID 83642. Computer Repair & Services - Boise Idaho - Meridian Idaho. "Reducing computer frustration one problem at a time by providing computer TLC(Technical Loving Care)!"

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