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Computer Tip – What is your computer power cord plugged into?

If you have no surge strip or a surge strip older than 5 years, you should read below.

Power quality & reliability to our business or home wall outlets is better all the time.  However, with recent lightning & storms, have any of you lost power or seen your lights flicker?

It is advisable for your computers, big screen TVs, & other expensive electronic equipment to have a good quality surge strip!  NOTE – this does not just mean a $5 multiple outlet strip you buy at the hardware store!  A good surge strip will sacrifice itself to save your computer/electronics if a power surge or lightning strike happens.  Surge strip protection degrades over time, so every 5 years or so, you should consider replacing your surge strip.

UPS – Un-interruptable Power Supply or in simple terms a battery backup can also keep your computer running if power drops.  Most UPS’s also have surge capability built in.  UPS pricing is more affordable than it has ever been.

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Ray Bowyer, Computer Consultant lives & works in the Boise, Idaho area & provides computer desktop & laptop repair, training, problem solving, computer networking, & virus removal for Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell & other Treasure Valley Idaho area small businesses, home offices & home computer users. Phone: (208) 631-7527. Email: . Mailing Address: 1740 E. Fairview Ave., # 305, Meridian, ID 83642. Computer Repair & Services - Boise Idaho - Meridian Idaho. "Reducing computer frustration one problem at a time by providing computer TLC(Technical Loving Care)!"

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